Swim Spas


Enjoy swimming against the most powerful swim jets IN THE LARGEST SWIM SPA IN THE WORLD.

Designed to recreate a real-life swimming experience, there's enough room to swim side by side with your training partner.

The exclusively designed propulsion jet system is the most realistic and resistant aquatic swimming experience available in any swim spa - it genuinely is similar to swimming in 'open water'.

Packed with power and with carefully placed river jets the swimming experience is one of the most realistic and smoothest available. You can create your very own 'fast lane', to suit your endurance levels and your swimming ability.

Cool-Down seating and strategically placed steps along with the exercise equipment and swim tether provide everything you will need for your every own Aquatic Gymnasium.

Seating Capacity 7 Adults
Jets 67
Dimensions 655 x 229 x 161 cm
Pumps 4 X 6BHP SF
Estimated Monthly Running Cost £ 59.02*
Includes 2 Years Guarantee + 5 Years Labour Option




£505 pcm

from 10% minimum deposit


Buy Now Pay 2021
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Seating Capacity 7 Adults
Jets 67
Dimensions 655 x 229 x 161 cm
Pumps 4 X 6BHP SF
Weight Dry 1815 kg
Volume 10487 Litres
Estimated Monthly Cost


£ 59.02*

* Energy usage is estimated using average global energy rates and based on hot tubs with average filtration cycles and common daily usage. For general reference only. Spa equipment, features, upgrades, environment, insulation variations along with duration/frequency-of-use can alter provided estimated energy costs.


7 person
175 sq ft Hydro Cyclonic Filtration
Sterling Marble or Snow White Lucite Acrylic
All-Weather Woodgrain Cabinet (Driftwood, Walnut, Charcoal)
Reinforced Shell with Owens Corning Fibreglass
Full Thermal Heat Management System
Eco Air Vents
Canadian Cedar Cabinet
Poly Moisture Protective Bottom
Underwater LED Multi-Colour Light Upgrade
Xtreme Multicolour Underwater LED Gem Lighting Package
EcoClean UV with 03 Advanced Ozone Sterlising System
Crystal Clear Purification System
Exclusive Refresh Switch
Self Cleaning Sweeper Jet
Anti-Slip Textured Floor
Extreme Coast Subwoofer -DM6 Only
Thermal Sealed Ultra Locking Cover (Brown or Grey)
Quick Access Equipment Door
Worldwide Remote Control Communication Module
Smartphone Remote Control Compatible
Coast Status
ControlMySpa WIFI Communication Module (with Remote Monitoring & Push Notifications)
Laminar Lit Waterfalls
Vanishing/Infinity Edge
Luxury Touchscreen Control Panel
67 Luxury Trillium SS Jets (2100VE)
4 x 6BHP Super Flow Pumps
3 X Hi-Flow Powerful Swim Resistance Jets
Exercise Bands and Row Bars
Levitator Jets (Swim Bouyancy Jets)
Infinity Edge Swim Spa
Swim Spa Propulsion System
Beverage Holders
Multi-Level Seating
Large Footwell
Ergonomic Seating and Hydrotherapy
Extreme XL Water Diverters
Jet-Select Diverter System
Jet Air Mixture Controls
Luxury Pillows
Air and water Controls for Every Pump
Programmable Filtration
Oversized Monster Skimmer
Freeze Protection
Formed Equipment Enclosure
Steel Reinforced Spa Acrylic
Pressure Treated Frame
Quick Access Gate Valves
Titanium Heater
Recessed Floor Drain
Recessed Thread-In Jet-Pockets
Super-Sealed Barb & Clamp Plumbing
Premium 9 inch CoastGuard Synthetic Wideboard Cabinet OPTION
Natural Slate Cabinet w/Carbon Fibre Photocell Corner Lighting OPTION
Premium Shell Colour Upgrade - Blue OPTION
Carbon Fibre Photocell Corner Lighting (teak not available) OPTION
Brushed Nickel Cabinet (2100 swim spas) OPTION
EcoClean - Salt System with Bromine Generator and Sacrificial Anode OPTION
Self-Cleaning Bromine System OPTION
Coast Cubby - Warm Storage Compartment OPTION
Coast WaterVac Powered Drain System OPTION
Aromatherapy Injector OPTION
PRV19 Bluetooth Stereo System with 2 Flushmounted Speakers OPTION
DM6 Bluetooth Docking Station with Subwoofer and 2 Flushmount Speakers OPTION
Bluetooth Stereo System with Subwoofer and Wallmounted Speakers OPTION
Additional 2 Waterproof Speakers (only available with DM6 & 2 Speaker option) OPTION
Deluxe DM6 Bluetooth Docking Station with 4 Retractable, Rotational Speakers OPTION
Designer Cover 5 inch x 3 inch Thermal Sealed Heat Saver Cover Upgrade OPTION
Swim Tether Anchor Plate OPTION
5kW Auxiliary Heater OPTION
Wellness Foam on Shell & Cavity OPTION
Wellness Winter Foam OPTION
Swim Tether for Anchor Plate OPTION
Swim Spa Traction Pads OPTION
4 Tier Swim Spa Steps OPTION
Swim Spa Delivery and Installation via Crane OPTION
Cleaning canister 32inch long for 175sq ft Coast filter OPTION
Replacement 175 sq ft Dual Core Filter OPTION
Covermate I OPTION
Hydraulic Cover Lifter OPTION
Covermate Easy OPTION
Spa Bar - Caddy OPTION
Safe-T-Rail OPTION
2 x Cover Lifters for Swim Spas OPTION
Spa Booster Seat OPTION
2 Tier Steps OPTION
Swim Spa Delivery and Installation OPTION

Shell Colours

Standard Colors

  • Sterling Silver

  • Snow White

Upgrade Colours

  • Tuscan Sun

  • Pearl Shadow

  • Midnight Canyon

Cabinet Finishes

Standard Cabinet

  • Grey

  • Brown

  • Natural Cedar

  • Black

Why Coast Spas? Coast Spas ISO 9001:2008

Trust in a Brand that is Quality Certified

ISO 9001:2008 certification is the highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufacturing. Extensively reviewed yearly by independent audits, Coast Spas is proud to have maintained ISO certification since 2003.

Superior Quality from Coast Spas

The Coast Spas Brand was Built on Quality First.

A hot tub needs to be ready for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be outside in the blistering sun, pelted by rain and hail or covered with snow in a freezing blizzard. We build our spas to endure the most extreme conditions, and we build them to do it flawlessly for years.

We don’t build our own motors and we don’t produce the plumbing or hydrotherapy jets that you will find in our spas. But we do work closely with the finest supply partners and require that their standards meet our high expectations, ensuring a Coast Spa is built with only the highest quality components available. We are one of the first manufacturers to be recognized for our high quality standards with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

We fill and run every spa built and then perform a series of diagnostic and endurance tests. The workmanship, equipment and construction of the spa is then closely evaluated. Once approved, the spa is detailed, hand polished and padded for shipping. A complete final inspection is required before our spas leave on the journey to their new homes.

We live by our founding mantra, which has always been the backbone of the Coast Spas® Company since its inception: “Quality shall, in every case, take precedence over quantity”

Innovative Features

  • Balboa® Clean Self-Cleaning Water Purification
  • Ever Clean Cabinetry
  • Fabulous Water Features
  • Go-Green 100% Energy Efficient Insulation
  • Pleatco® Clear Water Coast Filtration
  • Powerful Coast Pumps
  • Surround Sound Audio Systems
  • Coast Acrylic Shell Guarantee
  • Coast Spas Automatic Self-Cleaning Spa Care System
  • Coast Spas Jets - True Hydrotherapy
  • Coast Spas No Float Lounger Seating
  • Coast Spas Physician Designed Zone Therapy
  • Coast Spectacular Lighting
  • Wi-fi Controlled Spa System